ENGG*3130 - Modelling Complex Systems

Undergraduate course, University of Guelph, School of Engineering, 2019

In this position I was a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) for ENGG*3130 - Modelling Complex Systems for the Winter 2019 semester.

Description of the Course

This course is a third year course aimed at computer engineering and engineering systems & computing students. The course involves looking at complex global and socioeconomic issues by thinking of them as large complex systems. The course teaches students how to program in Python and emphasizes how computational modelling can be used to simulate and analyze these real-world systems.


As a gratuate teaching assitant, I was responisible for:

  • marking labs in the form of Jupyter Notebooks on a weekly basis,
  • marking other course work on a weekly basis, and
  • preparing for and running weekly lab sessions with 35 students attending each session.