ENGG*2410 - Digital Systems Design Using Descriptive Languages

Undergraduate course, University of Guelph, School of Engineering, 2018

In this position I was a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) for ENGG*2410 - Digital Systems Design for the Fall 2018 semester.

Description of the Course

This course is a second year course aimed at computer engineering, engineering systems & computing, and mechanical engineering students. The course material includes Boolean algebra and truth tables, Karnaugh maps, flip-flops, state machines, and arithmetic-logic units. Students also learn to design both combinational and sequential digital circuits starting with a problem description. The course focuses on the design aspect of digital systems, and the labs involved the students using VHDL to implement circuits onto an FPGA development board.


As a gratuate teaching assitant, I was responisible for:

  • marking lab reports and assignments on a weekly basis,
  • proctoring a midterm and final exam in addition to assisting with marking these exams,
  • preparing for and running multiple lab sessions a week with 45 students attending each session, and
  • preparing materials for and teaching tutorial seesions with over 30 students attending.